Heart in Hand

What we do and How do we do it

Identifying genuine NGOs when living abroad can be a hassle!

Heart in Hand is a non‐profit organization that serves as a unique connector for the Lebanese community in need, through many humanitarian services.

Heart in Hand experts scans Local NGO’s that are then verified to ensure that they are genuine and truly applying their mission on the ground as they claim. Only vetted entities will be posted on the portal, with a clear description of the mission for the contributors to select from and accordingly direct their donations to.

Our Mission and Vision

The main mission of Heart in Hand is to assist the existing NGO’s in Lebanon further their reach, by actively participating in donation collection from abroad and ensuring the safe delivery of the funds collected to the NGOs of choice.

Our Vision is to serve as a unique connector for the Lebanese community in need, through many humanitarian services.

Our History

For years and years, our volunteers used to contribute individually by doing small acts of support to the people of our community in need. 

Everything started with small monthly survival food supply packages that used to be distributed to selected families along with basic used/new clothing to help in bringing some warmth in the cold winters...

How do I make sure my donation reached the NGO I selected?

We take advantage of all kinds of modern communication platforms available from social media, to whatsapp, SMS and even phone calls. As a contributor, you can choose to make the donation anonymously or not, depending on your preference and then completed online throughout any of our available channels. Should you choose to give out your contact details, you can receive the direct contact of the responsible at the selected NGO to put your mind at ease and ensure your donation has reached its destination.

Let us know
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Contact us if:

- You require direct support or know someone who needs support

- You represent an NGO in Lebanon and would like to be enrolled on our portal

- You would like to help us with our cause and become a Volunteer where we can benefit from your own expertise

- You would like to become a donating member to our community in need

- You just want to chat and get to know our latest... 

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