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Provided Services

We believe that we all have basic human rights, including our right to live in dignity which is why we offer many services beyond our main one that is funding local NGO’s

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HiH Assists the existing genuine NGO’s by actively participating in donation collection from abroad and ensuring the safe delivery of the funds collected to the NGOs of choice

Direct Support

HiH offers direct support for a limited number of families with special needs. The support comes in form of survival food packages that are specially tailored to the monthly requirements of each of these families. The packages vary from elderly to baby specific


HiH connects people in need with the NGO’s and partners that can help them with their specific needs. This can be anything from daily meals, clothing, medical services and medicines, to any type of philanthropic support

ZERO Waste

The ZERO Waste initiative carried out by HiH volunteers facilitates the delivery of unsold bread & pastries from partner bakeries & distributing them to the NGOs for them to, in turn, redistribute to the families in need to the best of their knowledge

Who We Are ?

About Us

We are a group of ambitious individuals who are looking into every possible way to help people in need. Our values and purpose in life made us what we are. We invest time and effort to support the community in need and thank everyone for the support in making this possible.

  • Interconnecting individuals in need with existing NGO's
  • Directly supporting families with special needs
  • Supporting legitimate NGO's with Donations made
  • Supporting unemployed people in getting recruited
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Directly Supported Families


Indirectly Supported Individuals


Part time Volunteers

How does it work?

The Funding Service

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